Sweet, Sweet, Poet. Wow was she ever so cute and amazing in front of the camera. Miss Poet was a dream to photograph. I got both awake and sleepy photographs and let me tell you, she worked the camera and it was complete magic.

What an epic smile! Baby smiles are just so heart warming <3

Tip** To all my fellow newborn photographers out there - Never be afraid of a baby that doesn't sleep for their session, awake shots are just as adorable, as the sleepy ones and parents LOVE them. For all of my newborn sessions, the baby is in control and most importantly safe and comfortable.

Miss Poet had her two older brothers keeping her company at the session, they were definitely keeping an eye on her and it was so sweet.

I'm so happy i got to photograph little Poet, she was an absolute angel...

Ps. Some of the gorgeous gallery photos below.

I shoot newborn shoots between 5-14 days ( longer if problems arise with baby or mum), however to get those cute curled, baby poses, please book in as soon as possible.

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