Baby Sebastian

Little Sebastian was 5 days old when he came into studio, he really disliked his feet being touched and uncovered. He was a little fussy at the start due to me getting him changed and wrapped, but i tell you, it did not bother me one bit, i'm trained to deal with any baby, as they are all different. After he was settled and wrapped he slept great and we got a full gallery and more!

Of course the whole family jumped in for photos and his big brother couldn't wait to get his photos done, even once he was done, he asked "when can i get more photos Mum". Well he was a real champ getting photos and i can't wait to share with you.

Mum and Dad received a professional wooden USB and an 8x10 print of the family.

It was nice to photograph another great family and welcome their new addition.

If you would like me to photograph your baby get in contract today to book your due date.

Teena xx

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